Ladies tirelessly gather palm leaves over weeks to create baskets using traditional African techniques that have been passed down through the ages. Once the materials have been gathered, the ladies from all over Botswana then gather their goods and brave the African terrain. Day and night travelling on foot, by donkey and finally by taxi, they arrive at the arranged meeting place.

Sleeping on the floor is one of the many sacrifices the craftswomen will make to ensure the baskets follow the traditional method of dying the leaves and planning the next essential project. The most experienced basket makers will dedicate up to 6 weeks to a single basket. Once the leaves are dyed and dried, the women endure their journey back home to begin manufacturing their wares.

The leaves that make up the bulk of the basket and the fruit and bark that define it with unique, natural tones are somewhat dependant on the the climate. This can make the already unique product a scarce item depending on the rains. It is astounding that out of this dry, desert-like sand, exquisite décor items emerge.

This is the age old story of Africa, where homes are made humble by enduring poverty, discomfort and braving the unpredictable climate conditions to ensure traditional standards continue. Western society is enriched by learning about the extensive methods and difficulties behind these art works and blessed to own a piece that tells the story of African life. It is more than just a hand woven basket, it is a symbol of Africa that narrates unique, bespoke décor that speaks of overcoming difficulties and creating beauty in the most unlikely places.

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